Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications helps to manage your business, clients and customers On-The-Go

Get your Native Android, iOS Mobile Application developed with trending UI/UX by CrossNibble

With increasing number of budget mobile devices, it has become very convient for each business to manage all the tasks with just a swipe and from anywhere in the world! With this digital asset in your arsenal, you can efficiently and effectively handle your business in seconds and also provide the necessary support to your customers by resolving their queries and making your products & services accessible to them over the phone.

Important features of the Mobile Application:

  • Native Application Development
  • Trending UI/UX Designs
  • In-app database
  • Real-time connectivity with server
  • In-app purchase

Our Process for Mobile Application Development


Requirement Gathering

We understand the requirements of the project and based on that we do compeititor analysis and consumer behaviour analysis which helps in developing User Interface and User Experience.


Finalizing the Scope

We finalize the scope of the project from the set requirements gathered during requirement gathering stage. We also decide the features, functionalities and technologies in this stage.



We rapidly prototype the Mobile Application using Adobe XD or any other suitable prototyping software to make you understand how the final product will look.


Resource allocation and Scheduling

Depending on the defined scope and wireframes, resources are allocated for the development of the project and schedules are prepared accordingly.


Coding & Implementation

Content writers, designers and coders work simultaneously to develop the project as defined in the scope. The project will be kept in Alpha Testing phase where client and developers access the project to see the progress.


Testing & Debugging

Unit, Integration, User Acceptance Testings and Beta Testing of the mobile application are done by the tester team. Depending on their report, developer team debugs the code and solves the errors in the project.


Final Approval & Deployment

In this stage, we give you the demo of entire project. After your approval, the project is deployed in the production environment.



We solve any errors reported by the client or end-users of the project. We also add new features and functionalities as required by the client or end-user in the project.